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Actual title buttons 7.0 serial

actual title buttons 7.0 serial

The kollaglue Docker images are built by the Kolla project maintainers.
RFE When running a KVM Windows guest, need to turn on all the "hv flags RFE blocked rhel-6.6 sriov hook: allow Non-Zero PCI cd marcelo nova hoje domain for sriov Virtual Functions vdsm: script and/or trigger should not directly enable systemd units log spam in vdsm: guest agents not.Can't create a VM in a local DC Cannot run simultaneously multiple VM's that use host devices of one host.Engine-manage-domains Make options of provider parameter case insensitive.5.1 Upgrade adds "Everyone" group to disk profile Searching in templates return database error It would be good to have confirmation message when user tries to edit snapshot recurrence schedule to None engine-webadmin Tree pane shows wrong.Fedora 22 compresses kernel modules with the.xz compressed format.RFE pass session id to spice via mime type to allow spice Menu Using rest RFE Additional fields for fence_apc_snmp in the rhev UI Some AppErrors messages are grammatically incorrect (singular vs plural) Templates do not incorporate user defined properties RFE Allow filling also network.CustomDeviceProperties SecurityGroups are not a default.6 No auto-completion options for scheduling policy update New VM with OS created by default with VNC and not spice New Template dialog to narrow when" is enabled Error msg: Name must be unique - Name already.External-task Couldn't clear external job userportal When vm list is empty, then waiting animation never disappear RestApi Adding Vm to an un-initialized dc, creates an unusable, unremovable VM entitiy the "Show Report" menu of Data Center is covered by the sub-tab titles RFE add notification.Display Result Here, we made use of the registry to obtain our needed info.Have a read through this article concerning late binding.The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of oVirt.6.0 Release as of November 4th, 2015.Should add "Windows 2012R2 x64" as vm operating system options RFE Supporting search in User-Level API Pending resources are not cleared when network exception occurs.Added hosts fail setupNetworks, added only after being autorecoverd scale Excessive cpu usage in tAllVolumes VdsmError does not contain missing member info vdsm numa code not effective, slowing down statistics retrieval engine-backend When reconstruct master is marked as finished, the problematic domain is reported.Well, because the registry is the place where all of the settings are saved.OVirt.6.0 Second Beta RFE Need the ability to dynamically resize data domain luns RFE obsolete RFE rhev-M guest settings can differ from the actual OS/arch that's installed on a guest RFE Report downtime for each live migration vdsClient should accept passwords using means safer.Engine-webadmin importDomain Error message syntax of an unsuccessful import domain operation has to be changed CodeChange Wrong check for domain's type in ExtendStorageDomainCommand Importing storage domains into an uninitialized datacenter leads to duplicate OVF_store disks being created, and can cause catastrophic loss of VM configuration.Rhsc Order the Add Block Host List RFE engine-webadmin refresh view is rolled up to the list head rfehc - Allow choosing network interface for gluster domain traffic RFE Add Ability to Determine OS Long Name in rest API/SDK RFE Do not disable actions.SSH session timeout host '[email protected]'.Impossible to add affinity group via rest failed DI causes NPE, due to VdcCommands invoked without ResourceManager Can't update storage domain via rest API in case that the storage domain's 'containsUnregisteredEntities' property is true oVirt.6.0 Third Alpha DC/Cluster "Guide Me" - Select Host: please.Recently the cinder container setup for oVirt got broken cause they introduced the use of Ansible's playbooks to customize and complete the container setup and unfortunately we are still not ready for that.Debug logging issue Storage thresholds should not be inclusive RFE Support rdma transport type while creating/displaying gluster volumes Default display type fails snapshot clone Can't clone from snapshot - VM ID taken rest_API NPE when query events with empty query Add rest API to support.