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Chinese language code zh

chinese language code zh

(zh-yue for Cantonese,.g.).
Zh-CHS and zh-CHT were also used at one point, I believe, though they seem to have mostly disappeared now.
For the script designator, use the ISO 15924 standard, four letters with pc games hitman 2 silent assassin the first letter uppercase and the last three lowercase, as shown in Table B-4.
ZH for simplified, ZH-TW for traditional.Has anyone ever had to deal with these language locales? .Using Subtag Designators If necessary, you can use a language or locale code that is not known to the NSBundle class or Core Foundation bundle functions.As it so happens CN is not the language code for any other language, so there is no clash.Table B-4 Script language ID examples Script language ID Description az-Arab Azerbaijani in the Arabic script.Zh-Hans Chinese in the simplified script.PDF, companion File, next, previous, language IDs identify a language, dialect, or script and are used to name language-specific resource folders stored in the app bundle.Language IDs A language ID identifies a language used in many regions, a dialect used in a specific region, or a script used in multiple regions.I'm curious as to why.NET breaks out zh-CHT and zh-CHS and zh-CN and zh-TW, whereas Java seems to group zh-CHT and zh-TW together and zh-CHS and zh-CN together. .To specify a script, combine a language designator with a script designator.Language Designators, a language designator is a code that represents a language.TW is actually the language Twi, which apparently is an african language with millions of speakers.If you choose to create a new designator, be sure to follow the rules found in sections.2.1 and.5 of BCP 47: Tags for Identifying Languages.
Sr-Latn Serbian in the Latin script.
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