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Dragon city guide for pc

dragon city guide for pc

The following combinations of elemental dragons are incompatible to breed with each other: Fire Ice.
For instance, an Ice keygen winzip pro 16.5 dragon can still breed with a alberts cell biology pdf Laser dragon (fire electricity).
Breed, sORT BY: Name, odds, time, expected, select parents by clicking on crack autocad 2012 mac mountain lion them and then selecting a dragon from the list.Electric dragon: 150 gold, earth dragon: 50 gold, tips on resources When you stop playing the game for the moment, always remember to collect all the gold from all your dragon habitats.Dragon City strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you breed the your best dragon companion.When you progress further into the game, you can use the big farms to generate more food over a longer time, but in the beginning, this is too costly.Each dragon has three evolutions.The basics of battle are simple: both you and your opponent have two or three dragons on your team.You will also receive a gem every time you level up (as a player, not your dragons when you complete a collection in the Book of Dragons, and when you collect the daily award for each 5th consecutive day.A couple of dragons revenue indications (at level 7 Earth Dragon: 90 gold/min.Below, you can find a full list of the different dragon breeds.To prevent your habitats from filling up on gold too quickly, place dragons that generate less revenue, in the habitat that can hold the least amount of gold.A couple of dragons value indications: Laser: 50000 gold, waterfall dragon: 5000 gold.Creative breeding, dragon Citys main appeal is of course found in experimenting with breeding all the different kinds of dragons, from the simple Earth dragon, to the peculiar Penguin dragon to the majestic Star dragon.Water Dark, plant Electric, electric Ice, Electric Plant, ice Fire, Ice Electric, Ice Dark.For instance, mating an Earth dragon with a Fire dragon, will sometimes produce a Flaming Rock dragon, while other times it will produce a Volcano dragon.There, you select the two Dragons you would like to mate together, and wait for an egg to show.Similarly, you can always breed dragons with the sole intent of earning money.Different dragons become possible to breed at different levels.Volcano dragon: 1000 gold, ice dragon: 375 gold, tropical dragon: 300 gold.Sanctuary Level : The level of your Breeding Sanctuary.It starts in its baby form at level 1, grows into a different form at level 4, and reaches its final form at level.
Used to determine if Level Exclusive dragons are available as results.
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