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Futility or the wreck of the titan ebook

futility or the wreck of the titan ebook

With nine compartments flooded the ship would still float, and the house of dead game 2 so no known accident of the sea could possibly fill this many, the steamship Titan was considered practically unsinkable.
Or Futility, chapter I, sHE was the largest craft afloat and the greatest of the works of men.The same professional standard applied to the personnel of the engine-room, and the stewards department was equal to that of a first-class hotel.14 years before Titanic gone down this book predicted it to the very smallest technical details (number of propellers, number of funnels, size, tonnage, engine size, number of passengers, etc., etc., etc.).She had beaten all records on her maiden voyage, but, up to the third return trip, had not lowered the time between Sandy Hook and Daunts Rock to the five-day limit; and it was unofficially rumored among the two thousand passengers who had embarked.Chapter X, chapter XI, chapter XII, chapter xiii.Davits an stanchions, mennever mind the rail, said the boatswain.The sailor addresseda slight-built man of about thirty, black-bearded and bronzed to the semblance of healthy vigor, but watery-eyed and unsteady of movementcame down from the rail and shambled forward with his bucket.So, it was confidently expected that when her engines had limbered themselves, the steamship Titan would land her passengers three thousand miles away with the promptitude and regularity of a railway train.Fifty feet below her deck, in an inferno of noise, and heat, and light, and shadow, coal-passers wheeled the picked fuel from the bunkers to the fire-hold, where half-naked stokers, with faces like those of tortured fiends, tossed it into the eighty white-hot mouths.In short, she was a floating citycontaining within her steel walls all that tends to minimize the dangers and discomforts of the Atlantic voyageall that makes life enjoyable.He muttered, wearily; whisky nerves, or the dying flutter of a starved love.Some were seated in steamer cbairs, well wrappedfor, though it was April, the salt air was chillysome paced the deck, acquiring their sea legs; others listened to the orchestra in the music-room, or read or wrote in the library, and a few took to their.These doors would also close automatically in the presence of water.Two brass bands, two orchestras, and a theatrical company entertained the passengers during waking hours; a corps of physicians attended to the temporal, and a corps of chaplains to the spiritual, welfare of all on board, while a well-drilled fire-company soothed the fears of nervous.A third reason was that, at full speed, she could be more easily steered out of danger, and a fourth, that in case of an end-on collision with an icebergthe only thing afloat that she could not conquerher bows would be crushed in but.He started, turned aside as if to avoid her, and raising his hand in an embarrassed half-salute, passed.From her lofty bridge ran hidden telegraph lines to the bow, stern engine-room, crows-nest on the foremast, and to all parts of the ship where work was done, each wire terminating in a marked dial with a movable indicator, containing in its scope every order.