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Game of thrones lore

game of thrones lore

" The Alchemists' Guild " : Wisdom Hallyne provides an account of the Alchemist Guild (or Pyromancers detailing their knowledge of wildfire and how their once great influence in Westeros has faded over the years.
Each video lasts for about one to three minutes (sometimes slightly more and the videos included in each season's Blu-ray set have a combined running time of 60 minutes: thus each functionally constitutes a full-length "bonus episode" of sorts." The Great Masters of Meereen " : Missandei of Naath discusses the self-styled " Great Masters the powerful aristocratic slaver families that rule over Meereen, largest city in Slaver's Bay.The irony is that, as long theorized by fans (and possibly revealed by Brans visions last season the inciting incident of this whole conflict Rhaegars abduction of Lyanna was likely due to the pair actually being secretly in love, leading to the birth of Jon.But while history shaped where they are, it doesnt control where they go together from here." Great Sept of Baelor " : The High Sparrow recounts the history of the Great Sept of Baelor, the largest Sept of the Faith of the Seven, and the pious King who built it, Baelor the Blessed.Roberts Rebellion and the Mad King." Greyscale The Stone Men " : Qyburn discusses the dreaded plague known as Greyscale, and its advanced victims known as " Stone Men ".(Called the "Complete Guide to Westeros" in the Season 1 Blu-ray) the Children of the Forest, the First Men, and the Andals " : Bran Stark speaks of the original inhabitants of Westeros, their conflict with the First Men and the later invasion of the.Tywin Lannister, considers it to have been a necessary evil." Robert's Rebellion " : Barristan Selmy's perspective.Game of Thrones have to actual protagonists finally met in tonights episode." The Age of Heroes " : Bran Stark briefly narrates the stories of legendary figures of several of the seven independent kingdoms that existed prior to the War of Conquest " The Old Gods and the New " : Bran Stark and Catelyn Stark." Brotherhood Without Banners " : Thoros of Myr explains the origin that led to the conformation of the Brotherhood Without Banners, and how it assumed the mission of protecting the smallfolk.She also reveals her reaction to Eddard returning to Winterfell with a bastard son." The History of the Night's Watch " : Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, Maester Luwin, and Lord Tywin softether vpn client vpn gate client plug-in Lannister separately narrate the origins and purpose of the Night's Watch and describe its current status from their own perspective.Conquest Rebellion: An Animated History of the Seven Kingdoms that will appear on both the Blu-ray and DVD releases." House Baelish " : Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) explains how, despite humble beginnings, House Baelish has rapidly risen to power, thanks mostly to his own wit and ambition." The Unsullied " : Jorah Mormont recounts the legendary Battle of Qohor, in which three thousand Unsullied slave-warriors held off an entire Dothraki horde outside the gates of Qohor.Barristan describes the fateful Tourney at Harrenhal, the ensuing War of the Five Kings, and how he fought beside Rhaegar at the Battle of the Trident where he was killed." The Death of Kings " : Varys tracks the lives and all too common deaths of the Kings of Westeros over the years, proving that the Iron Throne is truly an uncomfortable seat to hold.