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Game ps1 bushido blade

game ps1 bushido blade

Elements of the game story differ with each character selected.
A fictional, five century year-old dojo known as Meikyokan lies within this region, and teaches the disciplines of the master Narukagami Shinto.
Some characters have a throwable subweapon in addition to their main weapon.Enter Squaresoft's Bushido Blade, a 3-D fighter set in the modern era but focusing on bladed weaponry.The actual fighting in Bushido Blade is unique among the fighting game genre.The game features one-on-one armed combat.Utsusemi's Final Performance 1:18.Once you get to grips with the controls and get into a close fight it can get very exciting, and finishing an opponent with a perfectly-timed parry and counterattack is really satisfying.True Mikado - Final Performance 0:45.Oikaze no Yauni 4:14.Each weapon has realistic weight and length; each weapon has a fixed value for power, speed, and blocking ability."E3: Bushido Blade's Blood".Kannuki is an assassin shutdown timer for mac os x whose entire village in the Ryukyu Islands was slaughtered by Black Lotus, a fellow member of Kage.With the game's "Body Damage System opponents are able to physically disable the event season 1 episode 18 each other in increments with hits from an equipped weapon, slowing their attacking and running speed, or crippling their legs forcing them to crawl.Bushido Theater 1:18.As such, all of the characters have different skill levels with each of the weapon types.True Tatsumi - Final Performance 0:37."Driving Emotion Type-S / Bushido Blade Original Soundtrack".Hotarubi's Final Performance 1:24.