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Germanwings flight 9525 black box audio

germanwings flight 9525 black box audio

Quest called it unbelievable that the black box audio would be leaked in this manner.
The fact that investigators found ripped, recent medical leave notes, including lonely planet guide to india for the day of the offense, leads to the preliminary conclusion that the deceased kept his illness secret from his employer and his professional environment, prosecutors said.Theres a very large number who call themselves investigators, says Graham Braithwaite, professor of safety and accident investigation at Cranfield University (who, he points out, has never listened to such a tape himself).She switched the recorder on, she pulled the lever, and then she listened back.Sometimes the damage means you cant reach it the normal way.During the very last moment of the recording passengers can be heard screaming.You can judge stress levels, whether theres been a heart attack.For Gods sake, open the door!Give me the controls!And when you compare it to the data, you can see exactly why."Death was instant he added.An official with Lufthansa, which owns Germanwings, said that the exam only tests physical health, not psychological health.A loud metallic bang is heard at 7,000 meters (almost 23,000 feet).Citing an unidentified senior investigator, German newspaper Die Welt said that Lubitz suffered from a severe psychosomatic illness and that German police seized prescription drugs that treat the condition.Lubitz suffered from generalized anxiety disorder, and from severe depression in the past, Le Parisien newspaper reported Sunday, citing sources close to the investigation.Increasingly anxious messages from air traffic control go unanswered.In 2010, Lubitz received injections of antipsychotic medication, the paper said.Investigators are expected to question his relatives, friends and co-workers as they try to pin down what could have prompted the co-pilot to steer a jetliner full of people into a mountainside.This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated.After reaching cruising altitude, Sondenheimer asked Lubitz to prepare the landing.
Everything seemed to be going as planned.