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Jolly audio guide to happiness part 2

jolly audio guide to happiness part 2

To those who need a brief explanation, binaural tones are frequencies that, when heard through headphones, make the brain automatically perceive a third "phantom tone resulting in an altered state of consciousness.
In July 2009, jollys first trial, entitled Forty-Six Minutes, Twelve Seconds of Music (Galileo/ProgRock Records received critical praise for its original sound, unique progressions, and finely crafted production.
The band collaborated with a professor and some graduate students at a nearby university, who conducted studies on over 5,000 subjects to perfect the usage of binaural tones to optimize the jolly listening experience.
Jolly "The Audio Guide To Happiness, Part II" (Insideout Music / EMI germany / austria / switzerland / norway: Friday, March 1, 2013.The Audio Guide to Happiness allows the listener to venture deep within his/her emotional core.Embedded throughout the album are binaural tones, which result from the combination of slightly offset frequencies played simultaneously, thereby altering the brain's natural frequency.As Heard on Tape.If anyone was unsure how this band was able to capture touring spots with acts like Riverside and Flying Colors, The Audio Guide to Happiness, Part Two provides a sufficient explanation why - a masterful expression of mood, atmosphere, and attention to detail, this.Achieving happiness, mission completed.The listener can therefore see his/her emotion in its true form without being forced to oversimplify it with labels and categorizations.Even without considering the binaural brainwave technology embedded throughout, this album offers the listener an experience they have never felt before.Or so the Jolly fellows say in the booklet.Jolly explored various musical styles in their two previous efforts, continuing here their mixing of progressive rock with a whole range of other influences, such as a reggae breakdown contained in the heavy ballad You Against the World and electronic drum patterns in the bouncy.With this combination of musical, lyrical, and binaural stimulation, we are able to directly target the brains limbic and autonomic nervous systems, almost completely bypassing the frontal lobe.Spain / italy: Tuesday, March 5, 2013.New York's Jolly is a band that really popped on my radar after hearing 2011's.Jolly pushes the limits of "accessibility" in The Audio Guide to Happiness (Part 2) with its powerful riffs, infectious hooks, and undeniable grooves, all within the context driver sf collectors edition of their signature jolly atmosphere.What it is really original, though, is the concept at the base of the project itself: feeling happier not through music, but through science applied to music, in the form of binaural tones.The Audio Guide to Happiness, Part One, as their unique mix of progressive rock, alternative, metal, and pop sensibility immediately set them apart from other progressive acts I was hearing at the time.The result is an emotionally limber and self-aware brain completely accepting of its unique place in the world).The brains emotional perception and response evolved long before the emergence of logic and reasoning, traits that distinguish the human race.In March 2011, jolly released The Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 1 the first of a two-part series that is scientifically designed to bring a listener to a state of true happiness.Along with impressive musicianship and refreshing writing styles, jollys first album contained a binaural brain wave phenomenon previously unheard of in rock music.
The first two phases make up part 1 of The Audio Guide to Happiness.