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Man eaters of kumaon ebook

man eaters of kumaon ebook

The encounter had ta- ken place four years previously and is best told in his own words.
All three agreed best home network storage mac that they had never seen the pug marks of a bigger tiger.
As I very slowly swung the point of the rifle round and ran my eyes along the sights I noticed that his head was not quite square on to me, and as I was firing up and he was looking down, I aimed an inch.True, this tiger had a bit of his skull missing, and as I had never dealt with an animal in his condition before I did not know whether he was likely to live for a few hours or days, or live on to die.At the District Conference, to which reference has been made in a previous story, the three man-eating tigers operating at that time in the Kumaon Division were classed as follows in their order of importance: ist Chowgarh, Naini Tal District.It was now necessary to extend my arm, and as the stock cleared my side, the swing was very slowly continued.In front of the man was a four-foot- high bank with a cattle track running along the upper edge; behind him a patch of dense scrub.Making a wide detour I crossed the upper end of the valley, gained the opposite hill, and made my way down to the blasted pine.I had warned my men overnight to prepare for an early start, and a little before sunrise, leaving them to pack up and follow me, I said good-bye to my friends at Dalkania and start- ed on the two-mile climb to the forest road.I have seen many similar sights, each more terrible than the one preceding it, in the thirty-two years I have been hunting man-eaters, and on each occasion I have felt that it would have been better to have left the victim to the slayer than.Hampered with the rifle I had great difficulty in reaching this limb.As there was only room for his body on the two-foot-wide ledge, he had stretched his hind legs out and was resting them on the upper branches of an oak sapling growing up the face of the almost perpendicular hillside.I was wearing a very thin pair of stockings, shorts, and a pair of rubber-soled shoes, and as there appeared to be no way round the nettles I followed the tigress through them much to my discomfort.They had been calling for about five minutes when suddenly, and all together, they called once and again, and then settled down to their regular call; the leopard was alive and had moved, and was now quiet again.
I instructed them to return to camp by marathi true type fonts way of the forest track, and, exchanging my camera for a rod, set off along the river, intent on catching a fish for my dinner.