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Ms-dos 6.22 boot floppy

ms-dos 6.22 boot floppy

I replaced m and s with the MS-DOS.22 files, but kept the s from Win98's boot disk.
Download the diskette image you need, and if you need assistance creating a bootable diskette from this image, visit the how-to page.I would wrc 2010 crack only like to confirm one other thing while we're on the subject.I'm guessing that's irrelevant, but I'd like to be sure.TXT The third line of viktigt.It doesn't matter whether I use the bootlace in the build or grubinst, so long as it results in loading grldr, correct?If you download the swedish MS-DOS.22 from the link above: p?id13662 You get the file:.6.22.Swedish.Installing the MS-DOS images contained.6.22.Swedish.So, I shift-deleted those three MS-DOS files, and then from the bios download, I copied them in reverse order.It is too game pou cheat coin bad.I got the same error.MS-DOS.22 Plus Enhanced Tools.22.Thanks to Ed Jablonowski from m for creating these disks.Rar in a virtual machine, and afterwards running the VER command results in: "MS-DOS version.20" This is wrong.I don't think the file placement is an issue, but let me get the latest (un)stable build and see if it does the same thing.It boots, but then complains about an incorrect m version.And that does boot.I was hoping to find a replacement.