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Ro2 priest build full support

ro2 priest build full support

X1 Meditatio Meditatio is something that scales better as your gear improves.
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Last edited by akagi_shuntsuke; at 01:15.9) You can actually move around while casting Heal.If you can afford to, heal yourself only when Gloria activates and use potions (omg, never knew you could do that right?).To get faster to xp smart defender pro removal tool kill the mob when you ar soloing coz when priest are soloing theyll took a long time to kill the mob if you have only lv1 holy light even you use it with asperio, so when you do solo hunting you.Later on I then pick up assumptio, sanctuary and other healing output spells as dungeons become more difficult to manage.By maykhel004, level: Points:.Hello and welcome to my full support priest guide.Drop Renovatio on yourself and use Highness Heal on the melee DPS.This comes down to personal preference and for myself I prefer to keep 4 points in this area.Is there a benefit to haste other than reducing cast time that makes it worthwhile for a support Priest to put points into Suffragium?Ressurection (1/3 oratio (1/5) Aqua Benedicta (1/1) Meditatio (5/5).Depending on your role in dungeons/raids, a Tank healer would definitely want to pick up the 5 points in heal.Lex Divina (1/3) Increase Agi (1/5) Renovatio (3/3).X5 Highness Heal Highness heal is an amazing raid healing spell and I would almost insist having 5 points in here.Someone requested that I include how to level skill points as you level.The reason for this is that Renovatio is the heal that generates the least amount of aggro from the mobs.As a FS Priest u will have to adapt to various enviroments and mobs.Tips, when youre in a raid and your tank is running around pulling the mobs, dont bother healing him with anything other than Renovatio.Judex (0/3) Aspersio (3/3) Highness Heal (5/5).Adoramus (0/5) Recovery (1/5) Coluseo Heal (1/5).6) Recognizing animations or debuffs (they usually appear first) that lead to an AOE helps you precast Aspersio first.
My build is FS (full support) type.
Reset scrolls are around 250z, it's quite affordable.