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People nowadays are busy, they busy working, busy commuting, busy gaming, but they are never busy thinking, they do not invest their time into thinking, except the time when they are showering.The iTunes platform represented the successful integration of retail music, portable player, e-commerce, digital rights management and..
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March 15 2011, tickets for the London 2012 Olympics go on sale with the most expensive seats for the opening ceremony costing 2,012.A b'ak'tun was the longest unit of measurement in this system and was equivalent to 144,000 days (394 years).1 The Olympic Cauldron was lit by seven..
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The alchemist producer interview

the alchemist producer interview

Things might happen, and the albums supposed to come out when it does. .
Also, I have other perceptions like, Naw, man, hes from Queensbridge and he grew up with P, son, know what Im sayin? .DJ Booth: Have you ever blocked someone on Twitter? .I just did that for the first time the other day.DJ mindjet for mac os x 10.5.8 Booth: laughs Do some ghostwriting for Diddy on the side Alchemist: Sometimes, depending on the amount of Ciroc available.Like, somebody just moved the rim. .In a way its full circle for me, Baker says today, speaking on the phone from his home studio in Venice Beach.Who knew what it would sygate personal firewall pro out like?DX: Doesnt that come back to feeling like you were scoring a movie?This phone would have to self-destruct immediately after.Alchemist: Im in the Booth right now!Cause for so many years I knew him more as what I perceived him to be, cause I wasnt as tight with him, but then once I got on the road to hang with him, you realize, theyre all people, know what I mean?The Alchemist: Just Blaze «You Dont Know» m: Which instrumental youd like to be remembered for when youll die?Junkyard Fight Scene is probably my favorite joint too, you just flow into.Samiyam, became known for in the late 2000s through releases.Alchemist: This is great, this is an honor.Alchemist: I try not to be that way, but I wouldn't waste my time keeping it real or arguing with somebody I didn't even care about.The Alchemist: I dont know yet, Im just making music but when it forms something that sound like a project Ill start.The difference, of course, is youre a mega-producer and I am not. .Samiyam / Photo by Theo Jemison.