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True detective 2 episode

true detective 2 episode

Each of these plays like a best layout for powerpoint presentation parody of Season 1 and, in general, much of quality television.
What is happening there?
The corruption and grimy immorality of last season hung over every episode, reminding viewers of the horrors of world Rust and Marty were immersed.HBO, please tell me the screeners you provided to press still needed color-correction work, because damn.Ray Velcoro works for the city of Vinci, California and has been on a downward spiral for years.In Greek mythology, Athena is actually the goddess of wisdom and Aphrodite is the goddess of love.That's a script-flipping I'd sign on for.Then again, we were graced with a slew of ad hominem attacks on Twitter and via email, so clearly some of you took the episode as seriously as it took itself.It's fine that Season 2 isn't trying to recreate that feeling, but it makes the atmosphere that much less intriguing.Conversely, maybe he's working to crush Frank's entire operation after spending so much time indebted to him.This season has no sense of place, which is surprising for a plot so grounded in a distinct locale.Maybe this is Season 2's turning point.While I'm still skeptical, I am going to try to pull back a bit and let the next few episodes wash over me, and hopefully they will surprise us both.Their conversations seem superfluous, or at least insignificant to the plot at hand.That would give his need to retain custody over his possibly illegitimate son - the part of his life that he sees as a saving grace - a sense of purpose that stretches beyond clichéd daddy issues.Either would ground the mystery by contouring the good-or-evil debate the show hasn't convinced us to invest in regarding these characters.Velcoro latest case is to locate City Manager Ben Caspere who hasn't been seen for several days.The lack of identity you mention is my main criticism of the first two episodes overall.He's divorced, drinks too much and has a violent temper.The animal masks and vintage radio amped up the (possible) presence of the occult, and things were just starting to get interesting.Meanwhile, we got an unsettling look at Paul's (Taylor Kitsch) family life, more of the series' noirish driving scenes, Frank (Vince Vaughn) worrying about his riches and a cliffhanger that could (rightfully) take the show in a whole other direction.But I also really loved the final scene with Ray in Caspere's secret home.We were pretty cruel toward last week's premiere, and the comments on our review seem to indicate a good number of people agreed with.