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Us area code list csv

us area code list csv

Even then, there have been changes over the yahoo mail update 2012 years.
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Strange that only Thailand got listed under "Southeast Asia" given that they are all within the same peninsula.
16:19, 24 November 2009 (UTC) - Glenn L ( talk ) 16:45, 24 November 2009 (UTC) Lekim74 I do not really agree that it is an edit war at all.Hathawayc 19:42, (UTC) Since there's no objection, I'll go ahead and post.It makes it appear that "1" is sometimes the entire country code (e.g.Using your logic, there is no international code for the Crown Dependancies either as far cry 3 spider relic 1 patch all these can be called using the 0044 prefix.It includes both incorporated places (cities, towns, villages and hamlets) plus smaller unincorporated populated places.There's no need to make a formal proposal, someone just needs to suggest what exactly the new headings should.Kevinp2 ( talk ) 23:27, (UTC) I have some concerns about your edits.TeleCell ( talk ) 20:19, (UTC) Abkhazia edit wars edit There appears to be an "edit war" here as to whether the Abkhazia region within Georgia should show its phone code as the new 7 840 (landline) and 7 940 (cellular or keep the old.GBC 20:16, (UTC) Ceuta and Melilla are not covered by a 2xx code, but they are part of Spanish sovereignty and included under.Thanks for the correction.I've just put in a link.164 that covers this off - Softgrow 09:44, (UTC) Trinidad and Tobago edit I eliminated the following eyesore: "1(868)620, 1(868)678, 1(868)700 to 1868(799 1(868)680 to 1(868)689 Trinidad and Tobago-Cellular" as a separate listing below that of Trinidad and.Pretty much by definition, calling codes are prefix-free, and there are plenty of 3 telephone numbers.At what point should it, or any other outpost in space, be added to this list as a point with no country code?Palestinian Settlements to Palestinian Territory.But unless we get a supportive consensus here, I'm done with reverting that SPA.A reference should be made to this document/organisation.The only country I noticed that was questionable on there was Ascension Island.
So yeah, end of the world stuff right there.